WordPress 2.3.1 Release Candidate 1 Announced.

From the Official WordPress Blog: WordPress 2.3.1 is almost ready to go. Before we send it out the door, we’re making a release candidate available so everyone can give it a last look. 2.3.1 fixes over twenty bugs. Some of the notable fixes are: * Tagging support for Windows Live Writer * A login bug … Read more

Weekly Updates: 10/21/07

Featured Blogs Fathered Five – Fathered Five is run my by beloved friend and esteemed colleague, Joseph. According to Joe, “This blog is founded on the notion that Dads need more help than they’re getting. Women are good at talking to each other, so they have a natural outlet for parenting frustrations. Even though most … Read more

What to Expect this Weekend.

I have plans this Sunday to finally do a featured weekend piece. I will give a quick review of the few blogs on the main page, offer links to new themes for download, and new plug-ins that every blogger will find useful. What do you think? With that said, I am constantly looking for blogs … Read more

On Placing Ads.

Neil Patel had a quick post over at ShoeMoney.com where he talked about an established blog that starts placing ads in their layout. He ended his post with this question: “So the question I have for you isn’t whether you should be placing ads on your blog, but instead when should you start placing ads … Read more