Articles Archive for June 2008

Incorporating Ads in a New Blog
Posted in Building Your Blog, Make Money Online on 5 June 2008

A common question arises when starting a new blog: should I start off with ads already in place? It’s a legitimate concern and the answer will be different for every blogger, but you have three options here: start with ads, add them into your existing design later, or redesign your site with an ad friendly […]

Out of the Game and Getting Back into the Swing of Things
Posted in Ramblings on 2 June 2008

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged about blogging and I may have lost most of my readers, but worst of all, I feel ‘out of the game.’ You know, like I’m no longer part of that inner-circle that happens to know everything there is to know about blogging. That’s what this post is about […]

Announcing the Downloadable Start a Blog Guide!
Posted in Ramblings on 1 June 2008

To jump-start updates to this blog, I’ve decided to release the ‘Start a Blog’ guide in a downloadable format. I took the time to today to update the information in the guide and convert it into a 10-page user friendly PDF file/eBook. I plan on distributing this guide across a number of different websites. So, […]