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Out of the Game and Getting Back into the Swing of Things
Posted in Ramblings on 2 June 2008

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged about blogging and I may have lost most of my readers, but worst of all, I feel ‘out of the game.’ You know, like I’m no longer part of that inner-circle that happens to know everything there is to know about blogging. That’s what this post is about […]

Announcing the Downloadable Start a Blog Guide!
Posted in Ramblings on 1 June 2008

To jump-start updates to this blog, I’ve decided to release the ‘Start a Blog’ guide in a downloadable format. I took the time to today to update the information in the guide and convert it into a 10-page user friendly PDF file/eBook. I plan on distributing this guide across a number of different websites. So, […]

What to Expect this Weekend.
Posted in Ramblings on 19 October 2007

I have plans this Sunday to finally do a featured weekend piece. I will give a quick review of the few blogs on the main page, offer links to new themes for download, and new plug-ins that every blogger will find useful. What do you think? With that said, I am constantly looking for blogs […]

The Official Launch of!
Posted in Ramblings on 3 October 2007

I came up with the idea of about two weeks ago. Within an hour of thinking about the concept, I already purchased the domain name and had a general outline of what I wanted to create. Well, after two weeks of coding, writing, and primarily slacking off, I finally have an end result that […]

Make Money Asides
Posted in Ramblings on 24 September 2007

Looking to make money with your blog? Check out this post to learn how.

Get Featured
Posted in Ramblings on 23 September 2007

Want your new blog featured on the sidebar to the right? Click here to find out how.