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Weekly Updates: 7/27/08
Posted in Featured, Weekly Updates on 27 July 2008

Theme and plugin updates for the week of July 27th, 2008.

Trackbacks vs. Pingbacks and Other Weird Blogging Terms.
Posted in Wordpress on 22 July 2008

If you want to start a blog, you should at least know some of the lingo used by bloggers and their blogs alike. A better understanding of just how WordPress works will ultimately make you a better webmaster. 1. Trackback Trackbacks are used to notify authors of other blogs that you’ve referenced them or wrote […]

Weekly Updates: 7/20/08
Posted in Featured, Weekly Updates on 20 July 2008

Theme and plugin updates for the week of July 20th, 2008. Re-Opens Theme Directory
Posted in Tools for Bloggers, Wordpress on 19 July 2008

It’s been quite a few months now since featured a new theme in their directory; however, that’s all changing as the new WordPress Theme Directory is now officially open and accepting new themes again. Currently there are a whopping 10 themes available to download and it really is a mix and match of quality. […]

7 Plugins Every New Blog Needs to Have
Posted in Building Your Blog, Tools for Bloggers on 17 July 2008

When I start a new blog, there are seven specific plugins that I always install. They are incredibly useful and conserve hours of time. 1.Akismet Hands down, Akismet is the most useful plugin ever created. It automatically checks comments posted to your blog against their web service to determine whether or not the posted comment […]

WordPress 2.6 Released!
Posted in Wordpress on 15 July 2008

WordPress 2.6 has been released today, nearly a month early. Not bad. I’ve never seen such support for a free platform before. Have a few minutes to spare? Let the developers walk you through the latest update with the following video. Major Updates Tracked changes. You can now view edits to current posts in a […]

Weekly Updates: 7/13/08
Posted in Featured, Weekly Updates on 13 July 2008

Theme and plugin updates for the week of July 13th, 2008.

The MUST-Install Plugin for New Bloggers
Posted in Building Your Blog, Customization, Tools for Bloggers on 11 July 2008

Last week, I wrote about the plugin WP Easy Uploader by, but I figured an entire post dedicated to the plugin was in order. It’s easily one of the best plugins to date. WP Easy Uploader takes a potentially confusing and time-consuming situation (for those new webmasters) and simplifies the process down to a […]

15 Free Fresh WordPress Themes
Posted in Customization, Headline on 10 July 2008

Nothing can stop a blog dead in it’s tracks better than a poorly designed or default WordPress theme. If your readers dislike the theme, they probably aren’t coming back. If you dislike the theme, you probably aren’t going to care enough to update it. Do both you and your readers a favor by updating to a better looking blog.

Here are 15 free themes to help get the ball rolling.

How to Protect Your Blog’s Content
Posted in Blogging How-To, Content Creation, Writing Tips on 9 July 2008

It is more than disheartening to see your hard work blatantly stolen. I’m talking about article theft and it happens more frequently than you might think. Why should someone benefit from the work you put forth? Why You Should Be Worried Well, for starters, someone is profiting directly off of your work. Article thieves are […]