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The MUST-Install Plugin for New Bloggers
Posted in Building Your Blog, Customization, Tools for Bloggers on 11 July 2008

Last week, I wrote about the plugin WP Easy Uploader by, but I figured an entire post dedicated to the plugin was in order. It’s easily one of the best plugins to date. WP Easy Uploader takes a potentially confusing and time-consuming situation (for those new webmasters) and simplifies the process down to a […]

15 Free Fresh WordPress Themes
Posted in Customization, Headline on 10 July 2008

Nothing can stop a blog dead in it’s tracks better than a poorly designed or default WordPress theme. If your readers dislike the theme, they probably aren’t coming back. If you dislike the theme, you probably aren’t going to care enough to update it. Do both you and your readers a favor by updating to a better looking blog.

Here are 15 free themes to help get the ball rolling.

Do NOT Start a Blog Without a Contact Page.
Posted in Customization, Setting Up a Blog on 15 October 2007

If there is just one thing every blog, new and old, needs, it’s a ‘Contact Me’ page. I’ve seen blogs operate without them for a long time and absolutely no good can come out of not having one. They are incredibly easy to set up, regardless of blogging experience. What bad could really happen without […]

Your Theme Conveys Your Blog’s Personality. Choose Wisely.
Posted in Customization, Wordpress on 10 October 2007

When you visit a website, what is the first thing you notice? The theme. Instantly your mind subconsciously processes the colors, pictures, text, and formatting of a web page to tell your eyes where the content, ads, and navigation reside. Your conscious mind will then kick in and you will make the decision to stay […]

Customize Your Blog
Posted in Customization, Wordpress on 1 October 2007

At this point, you’ll probably want to step out of the mundane. You may have your own blog, but it doesn’t quite have it’s own personality with the standard theme. In fact, most visitors will quickly pass on to another blog unless you change your theme. Themes give bloggers the biggest chance to customize the […]