The MUST-Install Plugin for New Bloggers

Last week, I wrote about the plugin WP Easy Uploader by, but I figured an entire post dedicated to the plugin was in order. It’s easily one of the best plugins to date. WP Easy Uploader takes a potentially confusing and time-consuming situation (for those new webmasters) and simplifies the process down to a press of a button.

Uploading and installing new themes and plugins can be confusing for some. WP Easy Uploader makes it possible to upload new features by submitting the URL to the archive containing the feature. You can also download the archive directly to your computer and upload it manually. It’s an extra step and not really necessary, but useful if you have files stored locally on your computer.

The most useful feature of the plugin is that it automatically extracts files from archives, eliminating the manually extracting you would have to do on your own. But, words can’t describe how efficiently the plugin works. The following four steps took a total of about 15 seconds. It would have been shorter, but I became distracted by an instant message.

1. Insert a URL or Select a File and Press Upload

I’m installing the Brightness theme. The only thing I needed to do here was copy and paste the URL to the download file.

2. Do Nothing Complicated

After pressing upload, you’ll see a success message.

3. See How Much Time Saved

Visit the Plugins or Design tab to check out your new upload.

4. Enjoy Your Upload

Success! A new theme was installed and activated in less than 15 seconds.

Do yourself a favor and download this plugin today. It will be the last time you have to manually upload another plugin or theme again. Click here for more information.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the high praise. I particularly like the use of the Easy Button. I never thought about that. My goal was to make the plugin as simple to use as possible, so I’m happy that it appears to be as simple as I had hoped.

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