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How to Protect Your Blog’s Content
Posted in Blogging How-To, Content Creation, Writing Tips on 9 July 2008

It is more than disheartening to see your hard work blatantly stolen. I’m talking about article theft and it happens more frequently than you might think. Why should someone benefit from the work you put forth? Why You Should Be Worried Well, for starters, someone is profiting directly off of your work. Article thieves are […]

Looking for a Post? Use Natural Content Creation.
Posted in Content Creation, Writing Tips on 17 October 2007

There is no denying it; my best ideas come to me when I’m not sitting in front of a computer. In fact, the idea for this post came to me while I was making a bagel this morning. I wasn’t sitting there racking my brain for an idea, but rather it naturally came to me. […]

Struggling for Content? Just Write Creative Headlines.
Posted in Writing Tips on 5 October 2007

When I find myself struggling to write content, I sit down and come up with a series of creative and catchy headlines relevant to my blog. And that’s all. No content, no descriptions, nothing. Simply headlines that I feel will attract readers. This method of content creation has two redeeming qualities. First, it will allow […]

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Starting a Blog
Posted in Building Your Blog, Writing Tips on 4 October 2007

When I started my first blog, I just dove right in. I really didn’t know anything about running a successful blog, but through a lot of trial and error, I finally learned the ins and outs of being a webmaster. It took me over a year to become successful, but with my help, it shouldn’t […]

Start Building Your Content
Posted in Building Your Blog, Writing Tips on 1 October 2007

The final three sections of the ‘Start a Blog’ guide aren’t exactly steps anymore. Once the blog is installed and properly themed, there is very little administrative work that needs to be done after that. For the remainder of your blog’s life, you will constantly be working on developing content, gaining readers, and making money. […]