Struggling for Content? Just Write Creative Headlines.

When I find myself struggling to write content, I sit down and come up with a series of creative and catchy headlines relevant to my blog. And that’s all. No content, no descriptions, nothing. Simply headlines that I feel will attract readers.

This method of content creation has two redeeming qualities. First, it will allow you to slack off for an entire day or posting period, whichever is longer. Second, you will have an entire list of articles that need to be developed. This sounds like a pile of work you probably won’t want to do but, it’s not. You will be much more productive with a solid idea of what you’re going to write about ahead of time than staring at a blank slate abusing your mind for an idea. Create a new post for each headline and WordPress will constantly remind you that you have work to do.

Take a look at the headline above. If naked, crack, and a human trapped within an alligator’s jaws, doesn’t spark your attention then nothing will. Hell, after I found that headline, I spent the next 20 minutes trying to find the actual article to find out how a naked man on crack found his way into an alligator’s mouth. That is the power of a strong headline and this is what I want you to learn.

Here is an example of 3 headlines I made up on the spot and plan on using in the near future:

  1. Place ads and get paid! Is it really that easy?
  2. Go from an empty blog to 1,000 visitors per day in under a month.
  3. Your theme conveys your blog’s personality. Choose wisely.

Now I have content to develop for the three days or so. There is no doubt in my mind that throughout this next week I will come up with even more topics for this blog. A good set of headlines is all you need to get the blogging ball rolling. Spend a few minutes each day writing three or four attractive and intriguing headlines, and you’ll never find yourself struggling for content.