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3 Things to Check Before Ordering Web Hosting
Posted in New Blogs, Setting Up a Blog on 7 July 2008

When it comes to web hosting, you’ll want your first host to be your last host. Going through the hassle of changing hosts can be a challenge for even the most experienced webmasters. I made the mistake of half-assedly choosing my web host a few years ago. I greatly overpaid for the services I was […]

Start Blogging Gets a New Look
Posted in Headline on 7 July 2008

Ah, there is hardly anything better than working with a fresh new theme for your blog. You have complete control over every design aspect and can customize it to your liking. Working on a new design is a refreshing change of pace.

With that, I’d like to formally welcome you to Start Blogging’s newest design! I spent the last few days giving the site a face lift as I was unhappy with the previous design. It functioned okay, but the design wasn’t entirely aesthetically pleasing. The design often felt cluttered and there were too many little quirks that couldn’t be fixed.

Weekly Theme and Plugin Updates: 7/06/08
Posted in Featured, Weekly Updates on 6 July 2008

Theme and plugin updates for the week of July 6th, 2008.