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Your Theme Conveys Your Blog’s Personality. Choose Wisely.
Posted in Customization, Wordpress on 10 October 2007

When you visit a website, what is the first thing you notice? The theme. Instantly your mind subconsciously processes the colors, pictures, text, and formatting of a web page to tell your eyes where the content, ads, and navigation reside. Your conscious mind will then kick in and you will make the decision to stay […]

How 3 Little Letters Can Make or Break a Blog.
Posted in Building Your Blog on 9 October 2007

R-S-S. It stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s one of the most important aspects of blogs today. It allows your readers to receive your content without ever visiting your website. How is this beneficial? Because now you have a dedicated band of readers who will pretty much read anything you put out. Why does […]

Struggling for Content? Just Write Creative Headlines.
Posted in Writing Tips on 5 October 2007

When I find myself struggling to write content, I sit down and come up with a series of creative and catchy headlines relevant to my blog. And that’s all. No content, no descriptions, nothing. Simply headlines that I feel will attract readers. This method of content creation has two redeeming qualities. First, it will allow […]

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Starting a Blog
Posted in Building Your Blog, Writing Tips on 4 October 2007

When I started my first blog, I just dove right in. I really didn’t know anything about running a successful blog, but through a lot of trial and error, I finally learned the ins and outs of being a webmaster. It took me over a year to become successful, but with my help, it shouldn’t […]

The Official Launch of!
Posted in Ramblings on 3 October 2007

I came up with the idea of about two weeks ago. Within an hour of thinking about the concept, I already purchased the domain name and had a general outline of what I wanted to create. Well, after two weeks of coding, writing, and primarily slacking off, I finally have an end result that […]

Get Your New Blog Featured at
Posted in Promotion on 2 October 2007

There’s no doubt that was designed from the start with the reader in mind. One of the major features I wanted to incorporate was a way to help new bloggers get off the ground by helping their sites become semi-popular. If you create a blog through the help of, you will be eligible […]

Ways You Can Make Money with a Blog
Posted in Make Money Online on 1 October 2007

Finally, I can present to you the post that almost undoubtedly brought you to this blog in the first place: ways you can make money with a blog. It is every bloggers dream to be able to pull a full time income just from blogging. It is a little unrealistic, but that’s not to say […]

Gain Readership
Posted in Promotion on 1 October 2007

“How do I get people to visit my site?” is arguably the most asked question to any successful blogger and this is justly so. Gaining readership is a challenge that almost every new blogger has to face and to be honest, it isn’t exactly easy. A lot of time and effort has to be put […]

Start Building Your Content
Posted in Building Your Blog, Writing Tips on 1 October 2007

The final three sections of the ‘Start a Blog’ guide aren’t exactly steps anymore. Once the blog is installed and properly themed, there is very little administrative work that needs to be done after that. For the remainder of your blog’s life, you will constantly be working on developing content, gaining readers, and making money. […]

Customize Your Blog
Posted in Customization, Wordpress on 1 October 2007

At this point, you’ll probably want to step out of the mundane. You may have your own blog, but it doesn’t quite have it’s own personality with the standard theme. In fact, most visitors will quickly pass on to another blog unless you change your theme. Themes give bloggers the biggest chance to customize the […]