Ways You Can Make Money with a Blog

Finally, I can present to you the post that almost undoubtedly brought you to this blog in the first place: ways you can make money with a blog. It is every bloggers dream to be able to pull a full time income just from blogging. It is a little unrealistic, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible. It is and there are plenty of bloggers already living the dream. It will require a lot of hard work and determination to fight your way to the top and everyone has to start with the same blank slate. It’s up to you to turn it into something meaningful and profitable.

The following are the four most popular types of earning an online income. Please note that earning isn’t limited to these four types only, but this is just a rough guide to potential ways of making online income.

  • The most popular form of making money is through pay-per-click advertising. These are ads that are placed on your website and you earn money each time these ads are clicked. Generally speaking, this is where most bloggers will make their first dollar blogging. Examples of programs include: Google’s Adsense and Yahoo’s Publisher Network.
  • If your new blog is product specific or there are related websites that require a paid membership, you can try your hand at product and affiliate sales. You can place targeted ads within a post that link to a product or affiliate sale. If the reader follows your link and completes a sale, you will make commission. Examples of programs include: Azoogle or Commission Junction
  • A recent growing trend in making money online is through the sale of text links. These can be links on the sidebar of your blog or targeted linked words within a post. Examples of programs include: Text-Link-Ads or Kontera.
  • Once your blog becomes popular enough, you will likely begin to attract advertisers looking for direct advertising on your blog. These will be buttons, text, or banners placed on your site at a designated cost per day, week, or month as chosen by you. Aside from money, this can be seen as an accomplishment that many bloggers strive to achieve.

There you have it. You’ve reached the end of the guide on how to start a blog. Where do you go from here? Well, back to the homepage of course. I will continually update this blog with ways you can improve your own blog as well as your blogs earnings. So, subscribe to daily updates through the RSS Feed and return home to look for more content.

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