Looking to Make Money Online? Use Google Adsense.

In my last post On Placing Ads, I talked about Pay-Per-Click ads and how they are the easiest ways to make money online. After reading John Cow’s post on how long before your blog will start making money, I figured it was time to finally elaborate on exactly how you make money though ads.

It’s Pay-Per-Click. Isn’t that a little self explanatory?

Yes. Yes it is. PPC ad programs will pay you, get this, PER CLICK, on ads you publish on your web space. Shocking right? Alright, there is a little more to it than that, but that is the general overview. The Google Adsense program is the largest ad network available to publishers (that’s you and me) today. Through advertisers, Adsense pulls in billions of revenue each year and you easily claim your portion of that billion dollars just by placing ads on your website.

Ads do come in all shapes and sizes and they can easily be integrated into any layout. If you aren’t comfortable editing your code, feel free to place ads directly within your post. The beauty of Adsense is that it’s contextual. This means Google will analyze the content of your post and will serve relevant ads to your page based on what Google thinks will interest your reader most. This is good as the more interested the reader is in the ads, there is a greater chance he or she will follow an ad. This directly converts into money for you.

The post by John Cow that I previously referenced brings about the point of when will the visitors start generating some income for you. If you already have dedicated traffic, then you can expect to start making money immediately upon placing ads. If your blog has been sluggish in growth, don’t expect to make anything. You need to be proactive in generating buzz for your website. Simply writing content and not working on promotion will get you no where. Sign up for Adsense, place ads, then get people to come to your website by any means you can. But don’t tell them to click on the ads! Or you’ll lose your account faster than you can say.. some word that you can normally say very quickly.

The best part about Adsense is that (almost) everyone can sign up to join the program. All accounts are manually approved, but as long as you have a website with some content that falls within Adsense’s guidelines, then you will easily be accepted into the program. Every new blog should start out with Adsense as it truly is the easiest way to make money online.

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