Weekly Updates: 10/21/07

Featured Blogs

Fathered Five – Fathered Five is run my by beloved friend and esteemed colleague, Joseph. According to Joe, “This blog is founded on the notion that Dads need more help than they’re getting. Women are good at talking to each other, so they have a natural outlet for parenting frustrations. Even though most of us are not good at it, though, we dads need to talk, too.”

Important posts you can’t pass over:

Understanding Teenagers – Continuing the fathering (and mothering to be politically correct these days) theme, we have a blog from Nigel focusing on understanding the ever confusing teenaged generation. It’s a big topic to tackle and I’m sure every parent of a teen could use a little extra help.

Don’t miss these great posts:

Blogging Truths – On a completely unrelated note, we have a blog focused on the wonderful world of online entrepreneurship. As stated by the blog’s owner Satya, “This blog is meant for bloggers and webmasters to help them optimize their websites and blog to maximum extent to add popularity,content,traffic etc to them we provide several Blogging Tips.”

Cash in with the follow material:

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Top 3 New WordPress Themes of the Week

  1. Curved – It is named “Curved” because of the nice rounded corner search box in header. This 3-Columns theme supports widgets and have a nice striped header along with tabbed navigation.
  2. Elegant Blue – It is a 2/3 column, option packed, wide content column, widgetized theme ready to use out of the box with no coding experience necessary. That’s right, there are several options that will help you customize this theme without ever touching a line of code! Click here for a live demo.
  3. Rihanna Rihanna is extremely lightweight, versatile and widget-ready for WordPress 2.2+. Click here for a live demo.

Top 3 New WordPress Plugins of the Week

  1. Most Popular Posts – Keep track and display your blog’s most popular posts with this plugin.
  2. Intelligent Content Ad Insertation – Quickly and easily insert advertisements in post, page and feed content without manual intervention. It’s useful when you have a large amount of content (thousands of posts) that you want to monetize.
  3. Feed Statistics – If you aren’t using FeedBurner, Feed Statistics is the next best option. Tracks the number of subscribers, which feed readers they’re using, which posts they’re viewing and which links they’re clicking on.

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  1. Than’s for featuring my blog here. I like your blog b’coz your blog targets newbies too which is nice. I’ll surely post links to some articles of your blog soon. Esp. newbie article…


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