Weekly Updates: 8/03/08

Top 3 New WordPress Themes of the Week

  1. Indomagz(Live Demo) – God I love magazine themes. Tons of features, all better than the feature before it. Make sure you take a look. If I didn’t have a theme picked out, I’d probably be configuring Indomagz right now.
  2. Crush(Live Demo) – Crush is the second magazine theme this week. It’s beautiful, minimal and clean. This is a bit more of a simpler design, bot good nonetheless.
  3. Unwakeable(Picture Demo) – Two columns. Not a magazine. Good mix of colors. It’s simple too.

Top 3 New WordPress Plugins of the Week

  1. Header Image Rotator changes the header image based on different time variables throughout the day. A must-install plugin for those who want a much more dynamic design.
  2. picasaView easily embeds your Picasaweb galleries into your blog. The gallery is slick looking and this plugin is incredibly useful for those running photo-blogs.
  3. Statrix collects data about your blogs visitors and creates charts and lists of the full data history in real-time. You can browse, filter and export immediately after plugin activation. The plugin keeps the full visits history, so you can make reports about any period of time you want.

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