Income Report: November 2007


Round two of Start Blogging’s income report. This blog was started to help others start a blog. See what I did there? Either way, this blog is a side-project that I started to help others learn about the fascinating world of blogging through my shared experiences. I teach what I know in hopes that anyone reading this blog can become as successful as me.

November 2007
Commission Junction: $103.80
Adsense: $3.14

For a grand total of: $106.94!

If you look back to last month’s earning report, I pulled in a measly $103.26. Anyone with any form of deduction skills can see that $106.94 is higher than $103.26 and that this blog is already a growing success.


So, there was hardly an increase, but the fact remains that there was an increase and profits are on the rise, albeit slowly. I’ve started marketing the site a little better and I’m pulling in more and more visitors each day. I fully expect to break the $200 mark next month and continue from there.

Earlier, I stated that you can all become as successful as me. You may not see $106 as successful, but this is one of my four blogs and the lowest earner by at least a couple hundred dollars. While I may never hit the $27k per month mark like John Chow, I’m gradually building my monthly income and I can easily sustain living with no real job.

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  1. Hi, Its great to see you earning money online. I am also blogging since last seven months, but since then I could manage to earn only $19 with google adsense. Can you suggest me how can I earn money from Click Junction?

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