Dr. Google or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PageRank.

There’s no denying that nearly every webmaster is obsessed with his or her PageRank. After all, a high page rank is the best indicator in the quality of a site, right? Wrong. For some reason, the majority of webmasters believe that raising their PageRank will help better the way the world views their website. Anyone with half a brain knows that this is not true. The quality of a website is derived from the quality of its content and nothing more.

News flash: I’d say over 95% of those who use the internet have no clue what PageRank even is, 4% know but don’t care, and the other 1% are the webmasters obsessing over it. So, what’s the big deal and why is everyone solely focused on raising their PageRank? It’s just a number assigned by Google to a page on your website to denote how important Google finds your page.

One of my more popular blogs only has a PageRank of 2, but I consistently see over 1,000 uniques per day and receive emails on a daily basis thanking me for providing them with such a unique resource. So, does my PageRank of 2 mean anything in this case? Absolutely not. I write for my readers and not a search engine crawler.

If you’re blogging only to please Google and you can’t see why you’re seeing no success, I think it’s time to open your eyes. Your users should be the main focus of your blog or website and no one else. Stop stressing over a number on a toolbar and start blogging.

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