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Check Your Stats and Check Them Often

23 November 2007 181 views 5 CommentsPrint this post Print this post Email this post Email this post
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  • Click for Nick said:

    You are right, stats tell everything important that we need to know, we can use our stats to help better our blog.

    ClickforNick – Reach Your Goals

  • Not John Chow said:

    I agree with you. Checking statistics should be at the very least a daily activity. I check my about three times a day. I want to know which posts and pages work for me and I want to see where traffic is coming from, so I can write for my audience. Without feedback, you will not improve.

  • bloggernoob said:

    its crucial. not only that, it’s probably the most fun part. Seeing the blue painted on the different county and states. How long people stay, what pages they view. all important and fun.

  • canadiandollars said:

    Good post. I’ve only recently started monetizing my blog about a month ago and am unfortunately only on Blogger. Last month I made $10. So far so good, but do you recommend that I move my blog to a domain?

  • Steve (author) said:

    Whole-heartedly. Honestly, buying a domain costs as low as $6.95 per year. It just looks so much more professional to have a domain name rather than xxxx.blogspot.com