A Lesson on Neglect.

I hope you’ve all been following my latest lesson very closely (and God bless you if you’re still subscribed to the feed). I decided to venture out and test what exactly would happen if I neglected my blog for a couple of months. I’d like to see what would happen to daily traffic, feed readers, and (most importantly) I know what you’re thinking: Steve got lazy and decided not to update as it took up too much of his time. Well, you’re entirely wrong… Okay, maybe not entirely.

Actually, you’re 100% correct.

Obviously, the biggest factor on whether or not a blog survives is it’s author. If the owner doesn’t care to maintain and update the blog, it’s going to suffer. Stop updating and expect the traffic to stop as well. Now, you should set some sort of structured posting schedule. (Alliteration!) This doesn’t mean you have to update everyday. In fact, if you don’t blog about a topic that will provide you with new content everyday, daily updates will only hinder your ability to update. You’ll burn out and then neglect your blog. Don’t do this!

New Year’s Resolutions..?

The last post on this blog contained my New Year’s resolutions. I’ll repost them to refresh your memory.

  • Launch a month-by-month members-only program for the Daily Telecommuter.
  • Completely redesign I’ve Tried That. The design is ugly and needs a new year’s makeover. Speaking of which, we do have a nice sized budget if any designers are reading this. Get in contact with me.
  • Make eleventy billion dollars. Increase book sales and affiliate commissions.
  • Spend more time on this blog. I don’t update it enough and have plenty of advice to give.
  • Stop moving onto a new project when I have several that are incomplete as it is.
  • Launch and distribute the next version of my book.

It’s been a highly productive year for me so far. I’ve managed to accomplish everything on the list except spend more time on this blog. Well, the year is almost half-over and now is as good as time as ever to start working on a resolution. And since I have to practice what I preach, start expecting updates again as I now have more time to dedicate to making this blog work.

3 thoughts on “A Lesson on Neglect.”

  1. So what were the results? Looks like whoever was reading before, stopped (if they were the commenting-type).

    Found this via Iv’e Tried That.

  2. Ah, the results. Traffic came to a crawl, but surprisingly income rose. This blog generated over $500 in the month of May.


    How? I post regularly on a few forms with a signature linking directly to the ‘Start a blog’ guide. Those clicking on the link followed the instructions which gives them a blog a me $100 per affiliate sale. Not bad for doing absolutely no work.

  3. hehehe… i was about to delete the link to this blog from my “reference” links last month. i decided to keep it there because your “old” stuff still seem very useful and informative. i’m definitely glad i kept it there; that’s why i came back to visit today. =)

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