Weekly Updates: 7/13/08

Top 3 New WordPress Themes of the Week

  1. Typography(Live Demo) – This two-column theme is sleek and clean, focused on typography. However, I do like my themes with a bit more color.
  2. Hamasaki(Live Demo) – This theme is a bit more conventional and professional. It has enough ad space for any aspiring blogger..
  3. Personal Mag Theme(Live Demo) – A more minimal theme focused on content rather than design. There is no set ad space. This means you’ll need to alter code on your own to incorporate ads into the design.

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Top 3 New WordPress Plugins of the Week

  1. Email Commenters is a quick simple plugin that will allow you to get in contact with all of those who have a comment on a certain post.
  2. Enhanced Recent Posts expands on WordPress built-in recent posts function. You can choose a number of options that gives you more control over the most recent posts displayed.
  3. Tippy allows you to create pop-up custom tips when a user hovers over select links in your post. Useful for expanding an article without taking up more space.

Featured Blogs this Week

  1. A Question of PerspectiveFrom owner Elisa: A mishmash of things with a common goal: to get my brain fluid enough to finish the book I started. And to collect folks’ Google Chat Status updates.

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