Get Your New Blog Featured at

There’s no doubt that was designed from the start with the reader in mind. One of the major features I wanted to incorporate was a way to help new bloggers get off the ground by helping their sites become semi-popular. If you create a blog through the help of, you will be eligible for free advertising on the main page for one week, as well as, a write-up in the weekly update post created each Sunday. Also, once a month I will select a new blog from the previous month that I feel has made the most significant advances. Your blog will be featured in the featured blog section on the homepage for an entire month.

Sound good? I bet it does. What’s there not to like about free publicity? But first, there are five criteria that your blog must match.


  • Your blog must have been created by following the ‘Start a Blog!‘ guide.
  • Your blog must be a month old.
  • Your blog must have it’s own domain name.
  • Your blog must not be in the default theme.
  • Your blog must have five or more posts.

If you feel that your blog meets my requirements, submit it using the form below. I will review it and let you know whether or not it will be added to the site.