Weekly Updates: 7/27/08

Top 3 New WordPress Themes of the Week

  1. Secondary(Live Demo) – Secondary is two-column fluid unique design. There are quite a few features you don’t see everyday on a typical WordPress theme design. Check it out.
  2. Vita(Live Demo) – Vita makes good use of the header navigation. It’s a three-column fixed width theme with plenty of customization options.
  3. Web 2.0 Blue(Live Demo) – This is another simple and minimal theme. If you’re looking for something with no frills, this is the theme for you.

Top 3 New WordPress Plugins of the Week

  1. Broken Links Remover checks your posts for broken links and removes them until you fix the link. Insanely useful and will keep your readers from clicking dead links and becoming aggravated.
  2. Events Manager is a plugin to manage events such as music gigs, art expositions, or just job meetings. Events Manager inserts an Events page in the Manage menu of WordPress Administration, to let you insert, modify and delete events. You can describe events specifying their date and location, and also add a few notes.
  3. Snazzy Archives takes your boring archives page and snazzes it up. No longer will your archive page just be hundreds of links. Snazzy Archives should be incorporated as a main feature of WordPress.

I’ve been slow on updating this week as I’ve been on vacation for quite a few days. I’ll be updating this week on how to keep a blog alive when you don’t have time to update.

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