Start Blogging Gets a New Look

Ah, there is hardly anything better than working with a fresh new theme for your blog. You have complete control over every design aspect and can customize it to your liking. Working on a new design is a refreshing change of pace.

Fresh Theme, Fresh Start

I’d like to formally welcome you to Start Blogging’s newest design! I spent the last few days giving the site a face lift as I was unhappy with the previous design. It functioned okay, but the design wasn’t entirely aesthetically pleasing. The design often felt cluttered and there were too many little quirks that couldn’t be fixed.

I really like this new design. It’s clean and colorful and there is enough white-space to make everything feel less cluttered. My favorite feature, by far, is the blue and green rollover boxes on the main page. I suggest you check them out.

The new theme has sparked my interest in writing about blogging again. I already have a list of headlines I’m working on developing. Content will start flowing more regularly.

Still Accepting New Blogs

As always, we still want to feature your new blog and give you as much exposure as possible. We do have some basic requirements though. Your new blog must have it’s own domain name, be older than two weeks, have more than five posts, and have a different theme installed other than the default WordPress theme.

If you have a new blog that meets the criteria outlined above, use the contact form to submit your blog for review. I’ll check it out and feature it in the update this weekend.